What You Should Know About Day Nurseries?

Listed below are some questions you might like to ask us: -



Does the Nursery Manager hold any childcare or teaching qualifications?
What qualifications do the staff have?

Are there any untrained or unqualified staff employed?

what is the staff ratio? (The 1989 Children Act requires the following: for children aged from 2 to 3 years a ratio of 1 to 4, and for children aged 4 to 5 years a ratio of l to 8.) Do you think this is enough?

How are staff ratios maintained during staff breaks and over lunchtime

IS the Officer-in-Charge or her Deputy on the premises at all times?

Is the Officer-in-Charge supernumerary? (She should be if there are more than 20 places).

 Are there students on placement? Are they counted in the ratio? (They should not be).

How many of the staff are First Aiders?

How many of the staff have the Food and Hygiene certificate?


Food And Hygiene

Who decides on the menus for snacks and main meals?

What if a child does not eat at lunch time?

Are the dietary needs (religious/medical) of individual children taken into account?

How does the nursery dispose of nappies?

How do you ensure that your premises and toys are kept clean and germ free?

Safety And Security

Are Fire Drills practised? Ask to see the logbook.

Is there a Health and Safety Policy? Where is it displayed?

How do you ensure that all children are safe on the premises?

How do you ensure that no unauthorised person collects a child?

How do you ensure that children cannot gain access to hazardous materials?

What is the medication procedure?

What is the procedure for recording accidents?



How many children is the nursery registered to take?

Is the Registration Certificate displayed?

What policies and procedures are held and are they available for parents to read?

What records does the Nursery Manager keep?

Has there ever been a complaint made the nursery to the Social Services?


And Finally

There are many many more questions to ask - please do not hesitate to query any aspect of nursery care.